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severance pay higher than the one legally stipulated: A new situation?

22 March 2023

  Spanish labour law determines a limited compensation system in cases of dismissals being ruled unfair. In this respect, it should be recalled that at present the stipulated severance pay ...

Social Media: Allies or enemies in labour relations

15 March 2023

  It is obvious that labour relations are not a watertight compartment completely disconnected from the use of social media. Moreover, handling social media has become a tool used by many ...

The group contract: a forgotten sytem

10 March 2023

  Our labour laws include various formulae for recruiting workers, allowing companies to choose one or another depending on their corporate needs at the time or the personal or professional ...


7 March 2023

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Company car. Which monitoring and surveillance systems are legally valid for your employees’ correct use of a company car?

1 March 2023

Providing workers with a company car so that they can perform the duties involved in their jobs is a very widely used system in various business sectors. The employees are also allowed to use ...