Consumer Business

Advising our clients to an ever-changing market

RSM understands the evolution of the consumer products industry. Our experience, relationships and trajectory spans across many different types of companies operating across FMCG market segments.

Consumers are paying more attention and, spending a higher percentage of their purchases on healthy, sustainable, natural products and the Mediterranean Diet. Change in consumer preferences and habits and factors such as age of the population, lifestyle, overweight are increasing demand for these healthier, more sustainable food products within health and beauty. Healthy & Convenience food in general is a strongly growing segment that represents the fastest growing business in value within the food industry.

Changes in consumer preferences, government regulations, the retail landscape, and global economic outlook are creating opportunities and challenges for consumer product executives across all sectors from food manufacturers to restaurants and foodservice, and all links in the value chain.

RSM Global serves more than 3,600 consumer products and consumer services companies to which we offer our full range of services: audit, tax, legal, corporate finance and consulting. We work with privately-owned companies, family-owned members, cooperatives and large international corporations that develop different business models in all segments of the industry including Food & Agri and beverages, personal care, household products, restaurant & bars, tourism, leisure and hospitality, fashion, supermarkets, education, healthcare and life sciences and more.