Other IT services

IT Audit

At RSM Spain we have a team of certified, highly qualified system auditors with extensive experience with all kinds of IT applications. Our system audits include analyzing and managing professional systems to identify, list and later discover the vulnerabilities that may arise in a comprehensive review of computers, servers, communication networks, operating systems, applications, etc.

Systems audits allow us to know the exact situation of information assets regarding protection, control and security measures. From there, we can establish reinforcement preventive measures and/or necessary remedial measures, always following a sequential process that allows administrators to improve their systems’ security.

IT due diligence

The Due Diligence methodology used by our system experts is designed to identify risks in the key technology of the company to be acquired in order to understand its implications in the transaction and to provide information regarding its financial, operational and technical impact.

The analysis of our IT Due Diligence includes an advanced review of technology in the future business and a detailed assessment of the IT environment integration.

  • IT personnel.
  • Main applications.
  • System management.
  • Outsourcing agreements.
  • IT costs, equipment, and hardware and software suppliers.
  • Networks.
  • Operating systems.
  • Databases.
  • Telecommunications network.
  • IT and web security.
  • Recovery plans for potential incidents with the company’s IT service.