Software SII RSM Connector

¿What is the Immediate Supply of Information SII?

It is the new presentation model for the Spanish taxes. Starting on the 1st of July 2017, companies will have to provide to the electronic office of the Spanish tax agency their invoicing information every 8 days.

The new taxes presentation model it will be mandatory for companies with more than 6 million euros of invoicing, as well as companies inscribed in the Monthly VAT Return Scheme – REDEME, small companies and self-employed included in the Special Regime of VAT Groups, and, completely optional, any other taxpayer that does not fulfil the aforementioned requirements.

Software for the immediate supply of Information – SII

RSM Spain has developed SII RSM Connector (SRC) software designed to connect the different ERP systems of their customers with the electronic office of the Spanish tax agency, for sending invoices in compliance with the standard defined by the SII.

SRC is a software that will allow you integrating your usual invoicing software with the new VAT management standards presented by the Spanish Tax Agency.

¿How does it work?

Exporting your invoices to a simple text file, SRC will be responsible for the communication with the electronic office of the Spanish Tax Agency and will inform you with the results of your operations through a user interface, also providing the ability to export this information into a file you can upload on your invoicing software, being able this way to have a centralized management of the VAT books presented to the Spanish Tax Agency.

RSM Spain has a social collaboration agreement signed with the Spanish Tax Agency, which allows them to offer their customers the possibility of buying the SRC software so they can present themselves the VAT books, or if they prefer, RSM can present the books in their name, externalizing this way all the VAT presentation management.

The software offered by RSM will allow you to do the creation and editing of the following VAT register books:

  • Issued Invoices Ledger
  • Received Invoices Ledger
  • Capital Asset Ledger
  • Specific intra-Community Ledger
  • Tax-related transactions charged on annual basis
    • Cash charges greater than 6000€
    • Insurance operations

It allows the supply of collections and payments for the issued and received invoices that belong to the special cash basis system. It also allows cancelling the ledgers previously sent, as well as checking on the data previously sent.