Strategic consulting

Systems Plans

Within organizations there are different information needs, with differentiated characteristics and complexities. It is necessary that the technological tools supporting these needs are aligned with the strategies of organizations.

From our Strategic Consulting area we create from zero or revise plans from existing systems. We analyze the company’s strategy, processes and technological situation to determine the information systems and technological tools that will serve as support for achieving future strategic goals.

IT Solution Benchmarks

Some companies, as a result of systems plans, organizational or regulatory changes, are forced to change their management systems and for many of them this change is expected to be complex given the wide variety of supply in the market. Thanks to our experience in numerous implementations in different sectors, at RSM we have helped many of our customers to choose the management tool that is best suited to their specific needs, trying to maximize the cost/benefit ratio.

RDS Diagnostics

Sometimes and eventually, the organizational processes of some companies are being phased out, tasks are duplicated, information is lost, decision-making gets complicated… In short, the work is inefficient, with non-optimized management processes.

The everyday life of companies does not allow us to take time to analyze these processes. In these cases it is very useful to count on the vision of a third party. Thanks to our know-how in similar jobs, at RSM Spain we bring a fresh, new vision that will help redefine your company’s processes to make them more efficient and effective, optimizing resources and improving company results.