Strategic consulting

Process Intelligence

In a globalised and changing environment like the one we have today, it is essential that the processes that support the company’s operations are efficient in order to be competitive, flexible with changes and resilient in the face of disruptions in the economic environment. In RSM Spain, we help our clients to design and improve their business processes with a complete overview: diagnosis, improvement and monitoring.

To do so, we use several methodologies and technologies:

IT Advisory

Technology, its efficient, rational, and safe use, is a key element in the strategy and operations of any organisation. At RSM, we help those responsible for the technological areas of companies to offer the best quality of service to their organisations, from planning and strategic analysis to the execution of these ICT services.

Our range of services covers:

  • Benchmarking and selection of technology products and services.
  • System plans and digitalisation strategy.
  • ICT/Digitisation maturity diagnosis and action plan.
  • Risk diagnosis and action plan.
  • Project and Interim Management

 Data Analytics

Data has become an important strategic asset for any organisation. Its management and advanced use are becoming essential to the survival of all companies rather than a competitive advantage for some of them, as it was before.

The RSM team assists its clients in the use and management strategy of their data with a wide portfolio of services such as:

  • Definition of data governance and strategy.
  • Design of information models and data integration.
  • Definition of visualisation and reporting.
  • Advanced analytics.