Process Mining

Process Mining

Process Mining allows you to visualize and analyze your business processes in real time.

  • Reduce inefficiencies
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve quality
  • Monitor compliance with local regulations
  • Optimize the automation of your processes

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Process Mining and RSM for your business


Streamline your business processes using Process Mining

Process mining is a discipline that combines data analytics technology and artificial intelligence to discover the reality of your processes, extracting data from the event logs - the fingerprint - available in your company’s information systems.

Our services of Process Mining


Visualize your sales cycle in real time and discover all the frictions in them (bottlenecks, variability, inefficiencies, etc.) and the automation opportunities to optimize them.

Robotic Process Automation - RPA

Reduce or eliminate workload on repetitive processes in finance, accounting, human resources, customer service, and more. Focus on actions that really add value to the business.

Intelligent process discovery

Automation Support

Dynamic analysis and self-service

Fast and low-intrusive implementation

<strongRegulatory Compliance Support

Accelerate results delivery

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Benefits of implementing Process Mining in your company

Boost your automation initiatives

Identify the points in the process where automation is most effective. Get metrics that will allow you to justify automation.

Accelerate improvement initiatives

Locate bottlenecks, process sticky points, rework, patterns, activities, and unwanted loops. Identify causes of process variation and deviation.

Benchmarks and best practices

Compare the metrics and performance of process metrics across business units, vendors, customers, and employees. Identify best practices.

Automate audits and Internal Control

Get complete population tests. Identify processes that do not comply with the regulations and their exceptions.

Risk management

Locate the risks in your processes. Identify behavior patterns and risk agents. Monitor your risk indicators in real time.

Monitor in real time

Compare performance and process metrics across business units, vendors, customers, and employees. Identify where the best organizational practices are.

Our consultancy team is certified by Celonis and Fluxicon DISK


Celonis is a world leader in Process Mining software and process automation. We use this tool to have all the functionalities of discovery, analytics, and process monitoring.

Fluxicon Disco

Fluxicon Disco are pioneers in Process Mining software. They offer a flexible, intuitive, and highly oriented Process Discovery platform for the business process analyst.

Our consultants have a proven track record of successful projects in Process Reengineering and with the practice of Process Mining we have found a way to enhance the value proposition of our projects.

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What type of company can benefit from Process Mining

Process mining is suitable for organizations with these characteristics:

  •    Centers, financial services, insurance, technical assistance, production.
  •    It has complex and unstructured processes.
  •    You have areas in control, audit, certification, and compliance with problems.
  •    You have processes that require high levels of efficiency and use of resources such as manufacturing or maintenance.

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