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Robotic Process Automation - RPA

Free yourself from repetitive and less complex tasks

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¿What is RPA?


RPA robots can automatically execute all tasks and transactions that have been taught and assigned to them.

Robots will be able to work with data, give answers and collaborate with other applications or IT systems.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a technology that uses Artificial Intelligence to automate digital tasks. With RPA systems, software robots can be created to execute business process tasks automatically, with the ability to learn and improve with experience.

Use Robotic Process Automation RPA to free yourself from repetitive and less complex tasks

Quick to implement and scale

He does not rest or make mistakes

Replicate human actions

Operate any application

Read and activate data in a structured way

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What are the advantages of implementing RPA - Robotic Process Automation in your Organization?

Non-invasive implementation

It does not require changes in IT architecture or extensive integration with other information systems. It is a fast and cost-effective solution.

RPA lets you scale

You can start with a simple process and then scale and implement more and more complex. RPA solutions are scalable according to business needs.

Invest Future with RPA

Our robots are trained to do today's work, while our systems are optimized to extend capabilities of future technologies.

Our RPA Robots will help you in repetitive tasks like these

Process Payroll

This process requires manual intervention each time it is performed. An RPA system can do this job, extracting required details from hours worked to calculate payment for your stipulated contracts. You can even carry out the necessary banking transactions.

CRM update

Keeping a CRM up to date involves challenges: the customer base is spread across many geographies, frequent calls, changes from many sources, and more. An RPA solution can process them in batches, reducing the load on systems and ensuring better performance and data quality throughout the application.

Renew Clients

The client renewal process can be complex. This is due to the number of operations and level of synchronicity required between different departments and systems. RPA robots can take over the entire process, from communicating with the customer, processing changes, drafting documents, and updating internal systems.

Reconcile statements

The financial statement reconciliation process must cover all the operations carried out on orders, payments, losses, margins and all the operations of the company, with accounts and financial statements. RPA robots are trained to carry out this process from start to finish without human intervention.

Compliance Reports

The growth of organizations makes it more difficult to monitor the compliance requirements that different departments must follow inform the authorities, comply with internal procedures, audit requirements and more. You can have robots configured to cover this monitoring task with a low error rate and little human intervention.

Process customer complaints

In every industry there is room for customer complaints. It is important to pay attention to them, as it is an important indicator of the health and future of the company. Using RPA, they can be scored based on keywords and other criteria. This allows possible solutions to be suggested almost instantly. Robots can respond to complaints 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Incorporation of new employees

This process requires registering the employee in the company's database and creating all the necessary accounts (e-mail, allocation of hours, allocation of expenses, permits, etc.). An RPA system can collect the information submitted by the new employee, create the accounts and also send personalized messages in a matter of minutes.

Collect data from web pages

Web / Data Scraping is an increasingly used tool in our environment. With RPA you can automate searches, save the extracted data, compare it and thus be able to make the appropriate decisions.

Update documents and forms

Filling documents and forms is not going to be a chopping-and-pasting task from different sources and / or applications. Using RPA, the robot will access the different data sources and perform the task without requiring human intervention.

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