Optimize the automation of your processes using Process Mining for Salesforce.

  • Visualize the end-to-end process flow in real time
  • Discover all the points of friction in your process.
  • Learn about automation opportunities.

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Process Mining for Salesforce


Identify improvement opportunities for the Sales and Customer Service processes executed in Salesforce.

With Process Mining for Salesforce you can visualize the flow of the process from end-to-end in real time, from customer lead generation to delivery and billing, improving the entire sales and customer service process.

Benefits of Using Process Mining with Salesforce

To manage more opportunities, have better conversion rates, shorten your sales cycle and lower your transaction costs, you must have a process that works. That is, one that’s measurable, predictable, efficient, of quality and that it complies with current internal and external regulations.

Increase your sales and improve your margins

Achieve your business goals with more efficient sales processes and lower costs. Increase your responsiveness and flexibility to customer requirements.

Increase the Satisfaction of your Clients

Optimize your support processes to be able to provide a more flexible, personalized, and quality service to your clients.

Optimize the return on your investment

Get the most out of your investment in Salesforce by combining optimal processes with efficient access to your CRM information.

How to use Process Mining for Salesforce

Know your processes

With Process Mining for Salesforce, you will be able to visualize the different scenarios and how your sales processes are actually executed, from the moment potential customers enter the funnel until it closes.


Identify the best practices in your organization and analyze the process metrics by comparing your sales areas, commercial team, clients, product or any other analytical dimension.

Know your metrics

Analyze the conversion ratios of your sales crossing by process variant and business analytical dimensions. Discover the different scenarios and obtain metrics for each of them.

Identify Automation Opportunities

Discover the points in your sales process where automation is most effective. Get metrics that will allow you to justify it and measure the return on investment.

Risk Management and Internal Control

Locate and manage your risk indicators in real time. Identify exceptions and behavior patterns that do not comply with the regulations.

Monitor the Performance of your Process

Track your improvement initiatives and check their effectiveness. Visualize in real time the performance of the KPI's of your sales process.

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