Labour Management

Payroll management

  • Calculating payrolls and severance pay. Sent by email to the client.
  • Transfer list. File in accordance with Rule 34 to be sent directly to the bank.
  • Payroll summary for accounts.
  • Social security (contributions). (RED System, CRETA System, General System, Assimilated System, Sales Representatives, Artists).
  • Drawing up and submitting the monthly files for remuneration items paid (with initials in Spanish “CRA”).
  • Processing registrations, cancelations of registrations and changes in the details of workers.
  • Employment contracts: Drawing up and processing them. Controlling expiry of temporary contracts. Legal advice on suitable contract types. Advice on applicable deductions.
  • Employment contracts for senior executives. Drawing up special clauses.
  • Applying the collective bargaining agreement.
  • Processing registrations, cancelations of registrations, medical certificates, processes of Temporary Disability related to both ordinary and occupational contingencies.
  • Company certificates.
  • Labour cost studies.
  • Drawing up self-assessments for personal income tax (standard form 111). Annual tax return (standard form 190).
  • Advice on general day-to-day matters: agreements, licences, etc.

Other Labour Management services

  • Registering companies in the Social Security system. Changes of details.
  • Opening secondary contribution accounts: for other provinces or special systems.
  • Notification of opening a workplace.
  • Advice on positions of directors and members of the board of directors. Registrations, cancelations of registrations, changes of data of self-employed workers (natural persons and companies) with the social security system.
  • Assistance with the Labour Inspection Department.

Prevention of Occupational Hazards

We ensure our clients are provided with different options for hiring an external provider of occupational hazard prevention services.

Benefits and Pensions

  • Processing the direct payment of temporary disability benefits.
  • Processing maternity/paternity benefits, etc.
  • Processing pensions with the social security system (retirement, permanent disability, widows’ and orphans’ pensions, etc.)
  • Pension studies (retirement, disability, etc.).

Domestic workers

Regarding the reform of the regulations governing this kind of special employment relationship, we offer a flat rate for employers of domestic workers that includes all procedures that must be carried out with the social security system and drawing up the monthly wage slips, which is now mandatory.