Internal Audit

Efficiently rendered internal auditing services have a positive impact on the value created within an organisation. The new economic and financial framework, the growth of regulatory requirements, the good corporate governance and the risks faced by an organization have significantly expanded the internal auditor’s work.

Under this premise, the work of the Internal Audit should aim to have an approach focused on a strategic vision and risk prevention as pillars to respond to the new needs that arise under this new model. The safest organizations are the ones that know and manage their risks better, anticipating them and the possible changes that may occur.

At RSM, we identify areas that needs improvement and collaborate with companies in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and throughout Spain to achieve their corporate objectives.

Our internal auditors have extensive knowledge and experience in creating the plan, process, implementation, analysis and improvement of the Internal Audit function. We work with all of the most prestigious certifications in the field of Information Security such as ISO31000 and ISO9001.


Our Internal Audit Services Include

  • Implementing, analysing and improving the Internal Audit function.
  • Creating and managing the Internal Audit function.
  • Optimising the performance and documentation of audits and risk prioritisation.
  • Auditing and reviewing internal or outsourced processes.
  • Support and co-sourcing in conducting internal audits of specialized areas and units, centres and local offices.
  • IT audit, security audits in information systems and technology risk management.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • National Security Scheme Certification (RD 3/2010)
  • IT Vendor Risk Management.
  • Cybersecurity (Intrusion Test, Application Security, Websites Security, WIFI Security, Security Office).
  • IT General control
  • Critical infraestructure
  • Cloud computing
  • Big Data: Classification and ownership, Security and Data quality.
  • PCI-DSS, Security mobile devices, Electronic signature.